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The summer was harsh,the land had already witnessed a drought .The nearby lake which could feed some 20 villages has dried and so are the village wells.It is said the monsoon is delayed by a month.

Nonetheless,there were rains during our days of stay ,but only in the nights.With showers,earth gets loosened and ploughing activities were started to prepare for next cultivation.While some were toiling the earth for the next harvest,Some have already started working with alternate crops.

The rains brought both water to the lakes and a hope for the people.

Rural Indian Village Scene
Village Field,On a Cloudy day

Jersey Cows,Cow Shed

The land area could be closed to an-acre.Shashikant along with another villager Chandra Shinde were toiling the earth for the next cultivation.The mechanized solutions like tractors are not common though.

Farmer preparing earth
Shashikant,a farmer preparing the earth.

Dog wathcing over the field

The land is also shared by Dhangar Community.

They are pastorals,spend their nights in the farmland and start moving to new places daily.

They walk covering 20KM in a day along with their mobile-home,family,children, sheep,goat,dog ,

mules,hens and all their belongings.

Their belongings are limited.Their occupational life-style,which makes to move constantly is affecting their education and health support.Nevertheless, all have AADHAR,though we didn't ask how the benefits are passed to them.Interestingly, the men have smart phones and they are not isolated from the rest of the world.

Mostly the women folk of the family take care of winding/unwinding of the camps,apart from all cooking work.Men take care of sheep or goats and firewood,water for the night camp.

Unpacking,as the day ends

Everyone busy with their duty
Everyone busy with their duty

This cute girl started to cry on seeing the photographer,a stranger.

Her Mother,Grandma were all busy in setting up the night camp.

Cute Girl
Cute Girl

Ranjana Bai and her Daughter-in-law were sharing some lighter moments,when we asked them for a photo shoot.

Dogs ,a native breed are integral part of their life style.They are with them,move with them,feed with them,look after the grazing sheeps and goats from predators.

Osmanabadi and Ranipuri breed of sheeps are reared for their larger size and tasty meat .

Its also an key source of income for the community.

Osmanabadi Breed
Osmanabadi Breed

Three Sheeps - Osmanabadi,Ranipuri Breeds

Old Farmer
Old Farmer

Chandra Shinde who is working in the Shashikant's field invited us for his village Ranmasle .We couldn't comply his request due to lack of time.

The old women Ranjana Bai was very concerned over the delay of her younger son getting married.

Old Man,Bhasheer Bhai,in the field to take care of his goats.His village is just behind,as he was pointing the faraway mosque.

Old Man,Bhasheer Bhai
Old Man,Bhasheer Bhai

We traveled crossing villages with no-purpose,no-plans.

We met villagers,farmers,pastoral communities and commoners.

We interacted with them. They told their stories.

We photographed them with a sense of spontaneity,with their co-operation.

As like we were,They were also curious to know about us.

They were all from the villages in Solapur district of Maharashtra.

Nevertheless,this is not a social photo-documentary.

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1 Comment

Prabhakaran Sambandam
Prabhakaran Sambandam
Aug 14, 2019

Nice documentation Nara! well done!!

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