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Gitanjali - Maniratnam's First Telugu Movie.

The main protagonists are terminally ill patients who are in their youthful, life waiting for the death. One of protagonist(Girija) is full of life and mischief. Girija's characterization brings a lot of happiness, cheers, bubbling life to the audience and making us to live the life at its best and not getting carried away by the impending blurry future.

Butterfly always brings cheers in our mind. Poets, thinkers all look Butterfly as a symbol of freedom, happiness and Joy. The slow flying movements, casually crossing our paths makes us to believe in living a life without an anxiety.

Yet, the Butterflies in the form what we we see, are actually a life which is about to die in few days. Yes, When Butterfly starts flying, their purpose is to copulate and die. Most of the adult's life is hardly a week or even less. They have a longer life during caterpillar, pupa stage.

There is a commonality between Gitanjali's female protagonist and Butterflies - Live Your Life without unnecessarily getting carried away with trivialities.

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