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Black Buck

The recent jail term to the actor Salman Khan for hunting and killing Black Bucks/ Chinkara prompted me to post. The hunting of wildlife has been banned in India in the year 1972.T he Blackbuck, chinkara are in the list of endangered species along with other keystone species like Tiger or Elephants. Hence killing them would lead upto 6-year jail sentence.


Bishnoi community are known for their life long commitment in protecting nature-life.Even in 17th century, the women folk of Bishnoi Community hugged the kejhri trees(acacia) when local king wanted to cut trees for the wood. More than 300 women and children sacrificed their lives for the tree. Faith is a double edged sword. Sometimes strong faith can bring enormous destruction as well. But not always.It is their belief system helped them to pursue this high profile hunting case. If you are interested to know more about the incident, this link could help.

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