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Lion's Day

Lion was lying down for long. We were waiting for the wake-up. It suddenly stood up to watch the grassland. Thomson gazelle herd were grazing at some two kilometers away. Unlike cheetah, Lions don't run long distance. Their body metabolism does allow only short runs. Slowly Lion started to move. Its nothing but an act of stalking.

Grass were grown higher than usual height due to short rain-spell happened few weeks back. Such short spells brings fresh green growth, abundance of food at the expense of protecting predators from prey's visibility.

The slow movement of Lion brought a lot of curiosity, some anticipation for action scenes. The watching of wildlife actually not an interesting one. Many predators don't hunt often or quickly. They sleep for long. They act slowly. One has to wait for many hours, some time many days to witness a hunt act.

The expectations in our jeep were very high. A hunt is a life-death problem for the animals in the scene. For humans, its an entertainment, breaking the monotony. Yet, the Hunt never happened for us. The Thomson Gazelles were alert. They have realized the sense of danger and started running. The Lion which went inside the bushes did never returned.

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