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Taj Mahal

A short series of Photographs of Taj Mahal, taken a decade ago.A recent visit to Taj Mahal triggered me to publish these old photographs, many are coming out of my hardisk for the first time.

Taj Mahal ,The epitome of love.

The ten years has brought many changes in the society - yet Taj mahal has not lost its charm or attraction.

A view of Taj Mahal on a misty morning.

In the world of selfies and constant search for instant gratification in social media, we no longer could afford for a solitary relaxation

Some of our habits,never underwent changes.

As ever,it is a tradition for people of East Asia to get photographed with Taj Mahal as a backdrop.One-after-another getting photographed,with a measured smile.A displayed approach.A tradition which never changes.

After the customary photograph with Taj Mahal backdrop, everybody moves on.Excepting a small tourist population,most never spend their time in enjoying the beauty of the architecture or the surrounding charm of the place.There is a lot of mechanisation in our emotional response, now and then.

The days, when camera were not affordable for everyone.

The film camera were still running the show.

There were no selfie mania either.

The mobile phones were not commodity product,not yet reached everyone's hand

On a Misty day.

As ever,Taj Mahal is still holding its old charm and beauty.

It is still a symbol of love.

It still holds the breath of the lovers.

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