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Masai Mara,August 2018

Masai Mara ,the mecca of wildlife is one of the best place to watch wildlife.

The months from July to September are the season for crossings of wildebeest & zebras over Mara river.More than 50,000 wildebeest and Zebras would cross the river for greener pastures and crocodiles would be waiting for their annual feast.Its a survival for both - crocodiles and the mammals.

Masai Mara is the best place to watch African Lions, Cheetah,Leopard, Rhinoceros and Elephants apart from other animals like Hyena, Giraffe etc.,

In this year, i'm conducting a wildlife workshop in Masai Mara with a focus on the migrations.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in wildlife, irrespective of photography skill levels.

For the photographers, this will be a good opportunity to learn/improvise their skillset.

Contrary to popular belief, a wildlife photography travel to Masai Mara brings quick learning curve of the skill-set than any wildlife trip in India or elsewhere. The large availability of open grass lands, prey & predator base help us in observing the wildlife behaviour keenly and also provide opportunities to experiment various photography techniques in the field.

Do mail me for more details.

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