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Vezhambal Kezhum

Vezhambal Kezhum Venal Kudeeram Nee..

A melodious song rendered by K.J.Jesudas from the Malayalam Film Olangal - Hornbill's Call on seeing rain-making clouds and a woman's longing for Love

In another few decades from now, we may not be hearing such a sound of hornbill due Habitat loss and hunting.It is not only Hornbills, the habitat loss impacts many species including humans.While habitat loss brings a dooms-day for many species,large population of humans are also getting affected by the destruction of natural resources.

The widening gap between rich and poor is a result of abuse of natural resources.This abuse were accelerated only in the last 150-200 years of Human History. Yet, there are few conservation stories, where natural resource were protected over the economic benefits it brings them.

The protection of Silent Valley National Park from dam construction(power,irrigation and employement oppurtunities) in Kerala during 1975-85 and Chipko Movement in Uttrakhand(then in UP) against tree logging by contractors/forest department were some of successful stories to cherish.

Both in the Silent Valley & Chipko movement,Government took note of the ecological disasters and had the maturity to take decision supporting the protection of natural resources.The reversal of natural resource destructions can happen only when our modern economic theories and social values of 20th undergo a change.

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